Several gun shots went off inside an abadoned warehouse. Matthaius Corvin jumped outside of a nearby window to escape the bullets. He was being hunted by Chris Argent a nd his hunters.

"Where is my daughter?, tell me!", Chris demanded.  Matthaius hid behind one of the hunters cars to avoid the bullets that were being shot at him.

"I didn't take your daughter!, I'm actually trying to find her!", Matthaius said. He looked up to count how many hunters their were and realised their was only six in total.

"Why should I trust you?, you could be helping the alpha pack?", Chris said.

"You don't but try and trust me on this one", Matthaius replied. The hunters began to close in on the lone beta. Matthaius made a desperate move, he jumped over the car kicked the first hunter, uppercut the second,  throw the thrid and fourth, and punched the fifth. The last ones standing was Matthaius and Chris. Chris pulled out his Desert Eagle and shot Matthaius in the shoulder. "AWWW!", he welled. "Wolfsbane laced bullet, not bad".

"Tell me where Allison is or the next one is going in your chest", Chris said.

"I don't know where Allison is and I want the alpha pack gone as much as you but we need to work together", Matthaius said. Chris pointed his gun at a weaken Matthaius head and placed his finger on the trigger.

"You have five seconds to leave before I shoot", Chris said. Matthaius got up and ran into the nearby woods. His vision was fading and he was getting weaker and weaker.

"I can't die today, not yet", he said. He looked up and saw a figure coming towards him. As it got closer the figure was actually Dr. Dheaton.

"It looks like you could use a bit of help", Dheaton said.

" Death Count " Seventh Episode of the Red Moon series