He had came into town and than saw Michael, " Hey, Sam can I ask you a question " , Sam tilted his head then nodded, " Sure ", Michael said solemly, " Why did you chose not to control but instead let me live freely "

Sam pursed his lips than said " I am your cousin so it's my time to act mature and a older brother I guess " , He turned and heard someone coming and instantly knew it was Derek. He turned than stuck his hand in Derek's neck than into his stomach blood spurting everywhere. " Leave me alone young Hale " , He turned and walked away toward the woods. Ian stood their and had a hunter captive while Anna slice at the woman's stomach. " Hello, Anna do you mind killing the hunter so we could just make a plan, huh? " , He smiled than turned while Artemis pushed Anna playfully than slit the hunter's throat, " Dean leave her on the Argent's front door step ", After 20 minutes Dean was back and they made the plan all had it well ready. Would Beacon Hills be Ready for the Alphas.

Michael stood in the dark and transformed quickly than screeched and went off into the town as he spotted a young women with her brother the perfect meal. He walked on the side of the wall and than pounced on the man and slit his throat than grabbed the girl by her neck before she could escape and tore her apart brutally and than her brother in which he had a long scratch mark on his stomach. Sam appeared than nodded toward the Kanima than left howling with his pack. They the same night had killed 10 people and left them at Allison's house, Scott's, Stiles, Lydia's and in the high school's classroom.

The whole pack stood in the dark each of their eyes lighting up red and than a growl as the pack had left their signal on the school.

"New Allies" Fourth episode of the Red Moon Series