The lone beta Matthaius Corvin walked through the woods when he heard the howls of several other werewolves nearby. He heard a stick snap in front of him and he extended his fangs and claws and his eyes turned into an ambered color. Yellow eyes glowed in the distance and the creature hiding in the shadow jumped on a nearby tree, It was reptillian creature. "Kanima", Matthaius said. The creature jumped in front of him and began to slash at him. Matthaius dodged each one and scratched the kanima across its chest. The kanima countered by attacking with its tail, it smacked Matthaius a few feet back. It jumped on him wrapping its tail around his neck. Matthaius  noticed a thick stick beside him and slowly reached for it. The kanima only looked him, probably deciding to kill him or not. Matthaius swatted the creature in the head and began attacking it. He punched it several times and finished it with a round house kick. It got up seemingly unphased by the attacks it just recieved. "Come  on, come get me", Matthaius said. It was ready to charge but something kept it from proceeding with its attack.

"I never thought a beta could hold its own against a kanima. I must say I'm quite impressed, my name is Sam Rodgers", a voice said. A young man stepped forward he was quite handsome with glowing red eyes.

"Your an alpha", Matthaius said. Sam began to step forward and was watching the kanima. It was starting to step back in fear. "Your controlling the kanima, how?".

"That doesn't matter now but what does matter is why you are here?", Sam said.

"I have my reasons", Matthaius responded. Sam smiled and stepped closer, he put his hand on Mathaius' shoulder and punched him in the stomach. Matthaius fell to his knees and looked at Sam smiling.

"Now tell me why you are here", Sam said. Matthaius only began to laugh, Sam was about to punch him again but Matthaius caught his fist. Matthaius was about to attack when five more werewolves surrounded him with glowing red eyes.

"Wait are all of you alphas, how is that possible", Matthaius said.

"We are the alpha pack Omicron and this is our territory", Sam said. They were closing in on him until an arrow struck a tree. "Hunters, we will talk some other time", Sam said. The arrow exploded into a flash of light and when the light faded the Omicron pack was gone and so was the kanima. Matthaius didnt have time to think so he ran as well.

" Arrival " Third episode of the Red Moon Series