Sam Rodgers stood outside the door of Lydia's house watching her mother doing the dishes. He walked over to her front door and knocked slowly. Lydia's mom opened it and Sam reached out quick and than spun her around she quickly screamed, " LYDIA RUN!!! " , Lydia's footsteps were heard and than she came down stairs to see her mother being holded hostage by a young man about 20. " Lydia, I have you friend Allison if you don't tell me where I can find Scott than I will kill your mother and Allison, She relucantly took out her phone and called Scott in a regular voice she said, " Scott, come to my house quick the Alphas wolf is here " , Sam smirked than broked Lydia's mothers legs, He advanced on Lydia than with a swift punch knocked her out. Sam lifted Lydia's mom waiting for Scott but heard wolves howling must be Derek's pack. About 20 minutes later Derek, Scott, Isaac, Peter Hale all busted in the house, Lydia awoke and than stared wide-eyed at her mother. " Scott let me kill you and than I will let her go and leave this town, Derek stepped up, " No, punk " , Sam grinned like a cheshire cat than cut Lydia's mom throat and than dropped her body than advanced on Derek who threw a punch that Sam caught with ease and than a hiss went through and Michael Rhodes sat their, " Hey, Scott ", Michael attacked Peter and paralyzed him and than went after Scott in a quick fight Scott was on the floor beaten to a bloody pulp. Derek was beaten and had a chair leg stuck in his chest. " Seeya, Mr. Hale " , Isaac stepped out and than Sam walked past him than Isaac was pierced by a hand Michael Rhodes had him spurting blood out the mouth. Michael dropped him than left turning into full-kanima form. Later that night a girl and her friend were drunk. Two Red eyes were in the dark than Anna and Artemis came out and they attacked each girl mauling them than finishing the bottle. Dean killed 5 people an hour later than turned a club into a murder scene along with Ian.

" Strike Back " Eighth episode of the Red Moon Series