Chris Argent was running through the woods when a voice cut sharply through the ear, " I smell a human " , Kevin's eyes glowed Red and he turned toward Chris Argent's location but not before he heard a car pull off, Kevin squeezed his hand into a ball and than jumped and started running after a while the chase lead to the Argent's house. A lot of a werewolves growled and broke into the house, Dean was shot by Chris who shot at him, A hand came up through Chris's back and blood spurted from his mouth Artemis was smiling and dropped him, " DAD NOOOOOO " ,Allison face was shock and confusion but not before a growl was heard, Dean turned toward the noise and saw Cora Hale growling Carter charged her and stuck a hand into her chest than took it out, " Idiots charging into battle like this. The Alpha Pack left the house contiuning their plan.