Kevin stood their with his red eyes flaring, He never knew that he was a powerful werewolf and possessed the abilities to defeat the Alpha, Sam Rodgers the right thing to do was to kill Sam the pack already said that they were sick of him so when Sam entered the room, Artemis ran up to him and than spinned and used her claws on her feet to cut him in the chest, Sam returned it with a growl than turned into his full wolf form and attacked Dean who grabbed him by the throat and slammed him down on the floor with a BLAM!!! and than Sam quickly got up and used his feet to kick Dean, Carter stood up and than lifted his Wooden bat and broke it leaving a stake in his hand he struck Sam in the shoulder than Anna and Ian both attacked piercing Sam with each of there hands than Artemis scratched Sam in his chest returning him to human form where Artemis stood with her claws out, " Goodbye, Sam it has been painfully the worst time of my life being apart of your pack, acting as if you were above us and we needed a powerful leader and now the pack is complete, you see we are all related me Artemis the great, Anna and Ian, Dean, Carter, Kevin but wait Michael and Sam the people out of place most we are all related except you and Michael so R.I.P " , Artemis let out her claws than slit the throat of Sam Rodgers officially completing the pack. Kevin stood up and his eyes flared red than the rest of the pack did to, Growls were heard throughtout Beacon Hills.

Kevin and his pack walked fast to the house of Quintus Wayne, Ian picked the lock the footsteps were heard, Quintus stood right in front of Kevin who was growling, he turned and ran for the door but Kevin grabbed his shirt than lifted him and slammed him down with brute force breaking his back. He grabbed his leg and slammed it breaking the right leg, he brought out his claws than stuck them inside his stomach. " There is no game Quintus I am stronger than ever now and mostly no one can stop me " , He left the house.

" Brake " Twelfth Episode of the Red Moon Series