Kevin walked slowly with Ian and Anna close to him, Only one question remained to him how were the others supposed to know that him and Matthiaus were supposed to face off, he would become an Alpha. He had to do this, or otherwise he'd just be considered weak. Kevin stopped and though about his father Deucalion who had his own pack what lead to his demise. Kevin stopped when Derek Hale approached him growling and charged Kevin jumped and kicked his foot out cutting Derek across the chest. When Kevin landed his eyes glowed red and his fangs bared.

" Come on Derek " , Anna had her hand on Isaac's throat which quickly got Derek's attention. He ran toward her and she spun off and jerked forward knocking Derek to the floor with a loud hit. Kevin smirked and Matthiaus appeared along with Scott who eyes glowed red.

" This won't be necessary " , Kevin turned slowly to see Artemis growling loudly. She charged Scott who tried to parry the attack but was kicked hard enough to lay him down for a while. Anna tried to hit Matthiaus but he caught her foot and spun her than grabbed her by her neck and slammed her down. Kevin looked digusted but advanced on Derek who was distracted fighting Ian. Kevin clawed him from behind and launched him, Kevin really did not want to do this but somehow felt he needed to. Ian grabbed Isaac's arms and holded him while Artemis spun around with her claws out and slashed Isaac's neck open killing him.

" NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! " , Derek mourned silently while Artemis walked off into the forest Ian and Anna walked toward there hideout while Kevin followed after them. Matthiaus was leaning over the body of Isaac tears falling slowly. Kevin looked back remorsefully and kept walking.

Artemis had entered her car leaving Beacon Hills but she would return more powerful than ever.