Matthaius was in his house working out, doing pushups and sit-ups . He had bandages around his torso, shoulders, and arms from his injuries from his fight. He jumped on a bar and started to do pull-ups. Quintus who was just released from the hospital was sitting on the couch.

"You think working out is going to help?", Quintus said.

"Know but it helps me think. Have you had any visions lately", Matthaius said.

"Well I don't know .It seemed more like a stupid dream than a vision".

"What happened?".

"You were looking quite chummy with the alpha that tried to kill us".

"Now that you mentioned it I had this strange feeling when he stabbed me. I always had this feeling that I could read emotions. And when he stabbed me he felt like he didn't want to do this and that someone else was pulling the strings".

"So what your going to help him?".

"I believe everyone is capable of redemption".

"Good luck, so that's your solution. Your going to be friends with a homicidal maniac?. What if he cant be saved?".

"If he cant be saved then I'll kill him. That's my solution". Matthaius let go of the pole and ripped off his bandages.

"I just hope you can make the right decision", Quintus said.

" Uprising " Fifthteenth Episode of the Red Moon Series