Kevin Sanchez- He is the new Alpha of the pack and stronger than the normal Alpha and his strength is like 5 Alphas and stronger than a kanima.

 Sam RodgersEdit

- Sam Rodgers is described as eloquent and intelligent. He is the son of Deucalion the other Alpha pack leader, He resembles his father in many ways personality and appearance. He is now deaceased.

Anna and Ian Edit

- Identical Twins, Ian is the smart one. Described  as "brilliant" and "devious" while Anna is the strong one, described as "simple brute force". Both are said to be "dangerous charmers".


- Athena is beautiful and dangerous. She never wears shoes and fights using the claws on her feet.


Dean is described simply as "a force of pure brutality."


Carter is smart and handsome at the same time it  is said that he will be chasing for Allisons affection.

Michael Rhodes

He is a kanima but Sam Rodgers cares about him and needs him so he is now in the pack. He is now dead.