Jason was walking around Beacon Hills and is still smoking his cigarette and drinking a beer. He threw his can and took another puff of smoke and than threw it away.

Ryan and his pack were relaxing in a forest house, Ryan got up and left he smelled a boy nearby clouded with the smell of smoke. His eye's glared red and he knew that Mutilating this boy would create the distraction he needed in beacon hills. 

Jason lit another cigarette and took a puff than breathed out, he saw a yong teen about 19 than kept walking when his phone rang.

Ryan appeared behind the boy Jason and stuck his hand into his back spurting blood and than tore apart Jason piece by piece with eat bite he was being more mean.

Jason was hurt badly with his skin being torn apart and a hand was in his back. He started crying and than spit out blood and was mad.

Ryan was annoyed with his crying and howled to Stephan Martin who quickly appeared as Stephan brutally snapped the boy's neck. They heard a hiss and turned to see a reptallian creature looking straight at them they ran.

The kanima known as Michael Rhodes as he ripped out the boy's throat and than tore his arm off and ripped open his chest leaving the boy gored to death.

Ryan appeared and smirked his eye's flashing red and knowing that this creature is what they came looking for.