Avery Hamilton is a human who lives in Beacon hills. Her adoptive sister Lynne is the Alpha werewolf of her pack.She is the only memeber of her family who knows about Lynne being a werewolf.

Avery Hamilton
Alias: none
age: 18
Species: Human
eyes brown
hair dirty blonde
Powers: none
Status: Alive


Affiliation: Nico's pack
Location: Beacon Hills


Avery always grew up soiled being the oldest and the only girl however when her adoptive sister moved in she got some competito. Lynne was reserved and snarky when annoyed, and she always got cranky around a full moon. This made Avery suspicious. However at school she mad of Lynne, mosly because she became friend with Lindsey(an old friend of hers),Josh and 2 freshmans Maria and Michael. One day when Lyne left to hang out with her friends and she followed. She saw them change. Nicowhen they found her wanted to kill her however Lynne told him no saying her 'parents' would be suspicious. Nico agreed madly and stalked off.


Avery was said to be very popular, an old friend of Lindsey and a good friend of Lydia. When Lynne first came there she wasmean, taunting and acted as though she wasn't very smart. However she had average intelligence and was a loyal friend. Once she found out about the werewolves she was nicer to Lynne but afriad of her espcially when she became the Alpha.However she did some things or the pack showing her loyalty to them.