Daniel Hale survived the Hale fire and lived in beverly hills californa until he heard of Kate Argent's death so he moved to beacon hill's and is searching for the Alpha Derek Hale and plan's on killing him to take over the alpha spot but it won't be so easy because there is another Alpha helping him.


He was at house when the fired started and showed up to save people but it was to late so he went after some argent's and killed them but quickly left covering his tracks.He heard The master mind Kate Argent died and His uncle peter died along with her meaning Derek became the Alpha wolf and meant he should kill Derek to become Alpha and recieve power enough power to start a larger pack.He made a plan to also kill the submissive Alpha wolf maybe because that was the key to getting Derek's attention by killing his mate and also some beta's he was a werewolf longer than them had more experience so he would kill them with ease.After arriving at beacon hills he starts working as a assistant helping teachers and this was the first step to becoming Alpha find all the Betas and trap one to get information.

He also killed an Janitor who saw him in wolf form that night he had to clean up and hide the body he later killed many more victims including a woman who had something to do with the Hale fire ultimately ripping he throat out and later putting the spiral on the back of he showing the sign of revenge he later sought out Dr.Deaton an old friend who owed him some favors like helping him.He tricked Deaton into thinking he was helping Derek but was actually trying to track him he later gave him files of Boyd who was part of Derek's pack and he sought him out ready to make a move on him he later met Mccall who he instantly fell for and they became rather great friend's even assisting Scott on the full moon.

Daniel Hale







Hair color:


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Love interests:

Scott Mccall

Werewolf Eye color:





Peter Hale (Uncle,Reborn)

Derek Hale (Cousin)

Laura Hale (Cousin)

Notable Kills:

  • Women Involved in hale fire.