Mixed/Green and Blue

You are what is know as a Delta wolf or "Solstice" wolf. You were named that because you two different entities inside of you. Your wolf, which has no form of humanity and doesn't really care about the world around it and you, then there's your true human form. That's why you have two different eye colors: one green and one blue.

Some have been known to control both but it's very rare. Most of the time you appear to have dual personalities. The perks of being this wolf is that you can change any time, full moon or not, and you're immune to almost any type of of wolfsbane. The downside is that once a wolf hunter hears about a Delta's existance, you become a prime target. They have to get rid of you because of your instability and unpredictability.

Powers and Abilities

  • Partial Wolfsbane Immunity - A Delta Werewolf's immune system can fight off Wolfsbane poisoning with simple rest; however, it does shake them up.
  • Heightened Senses - Delta Werewolves can smell, see, and hear far better than humans and Beta Werewolves; they have very detailed senses.
  • Danger Sense - A Delta Werewolf has an enhanced Danger Sense, being able to detect dangers to themselves or the pack before anyone else.
  • Power Taking - A Delta Werewolf has the ability to take the powers from the other Werewolves including Alpha, Beta, and Omega. The Delta Werewolf can turn a bitten Alpha, Beta, or Omega human with this ability, and can turn a born Werewolf that is an Alpha into a Beta Werewolf. (The only way for a Delta Werewolf to do this ability is to stab the other Werewolf in the neck with their claws.)