Jacob Brady




(Alpha) Werewolf (Dominant)



Hair Color:


Eye Color:

  • Unknown
  • Blood Red (Werewolf powers usage)

Skin Color:



  • Unnamed Mother
  • Unnamed Father

Love interests:

Percy Kalborn

Notable Sires/Kills


  • None


  • None



Jacob Brady was an Alpha Werewolf of the Noir Clan who came to Beacon Hills after he heard the previous Alpha had been killed, as a change he is an important hunter of the Argents and also came looking for more Pack members, he apparently has complete control over his Wolf form and seems to have great strength to give even Derek Hale a run for his money.


He came to town after hearing the previous Alpha had died and killed a important hunter and also came to make a pack to take down Derek Hale's pack mostly for control and to rule over wolves he himself was strong and had made it through the painful transformation of becoming his full wolf form even going as far to bite a teen William Brown another teen from beacon Hill's.He also tries to kill Scott but fail's after Derek intervenes and Knock's him away it is unknown what pack Jacob is from but it has a strong family line.

Personality and traitsEdit

Jacob Brady has a strong sense of humor however he would never take any crap from anyone,

Physical AppearanceEdit

Jacob Brady is tall with striking gray eyes, he has a striking smile and clean teeth, his body is slim but works harder everyday trying to be the best worker.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Super Strength - As a Dominant Alpha, Jacob's strength is far more stronger than a natural werewolf and he is revealed to be stronger than Derek Hale, his most strongest power is maybe his strength and this is a key factor in dominating his Pack.
  • Super Speed - As a Dominant Alpha, Jacob's speed is greater in human form and wolf form able to run at speeds greater than any normal Werewolf, in wolf form he is a blur although his mate is potentially faster than him, at times he is able to defeat many people in a contest of speed and even outran Scott after letting him get a head-start.
  • Super Healing - As a Dominant Alpha, Jacob heals faster than any human or beta werewolf and much faster after engaging in a fight with a hunter he get's his neck slashed but healed in second's and ran off it is not known how long his healing takes but it may take about 30 second's.
  • The Bite - Like any Alpha Werewolf his bite can either turn you or kill you but most likely kill you unless your ancestry is werewolf like and you survived the bite it is still unknown how he turned William into a wolf and expect's him to die soon but he survived the bite.


  • The name Jacob means Conqueror.