Joshua 'Josh' Tolie is a beta werewolf who belongs to Lynne's Pack. He is one of the oldest of the pack.

Josh Tolie
Alias: none
age: 18
Species: beta werewolf
eyes grey(normal) green(wolf)
hair dark
Powers: normal werwolf powers
Status: Alive


Affiliation The Delta Pack
Location: Beacon Hills


Josh was born in beacons hills to his mother Deanna and father Sam. He was friends with Lindsey since he was a kid but it wasn't until high school when they started to grow apart. However that friendship was renewed when Nico bit him and Lindsey, changing them into werewolves. Now he has grown close with his pack, being very good friends with Lynne even though he didn't convince Nico to let her join the pack.He was distraught over Nico's death but quickly go over it and followed Lynne's orders easily.


Josh was shown to be laid back and a helpful person who was very smart. He was also shown to be stubborn but a very good leader. However he is one of the strongest of the pack, right behind Lynne the alpha.