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Known Kanima's:

Mikael Rizzo
Isabelle Rizzo (Lord)
Gerard (Master)
Jackson Whittemore (Acolyte)



Kanima were a Shape-Shifting species and cousins of the Werewolves, incredibly powerful and strong enough to defeat a Werewolf on an even playing field, a Kanima has four subspecies ranks within their culture. The only known Group of Kanima is the Stellio Clan, although other Clans are mentioned.

Kanima ranks:

Acolyte Kanima

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An Acolyte Kanima or "Beta" Kanima is the lowest rank of Kanima, they are either the recently turned of the species or those that only recently became aware of what they were, Acolytes seek a Master Kanima.

Master Kanima

Main article: Master Kanima (CotSs)

A Master Kanima or "Alpha" Kanima is the second lowest rank of Kanima and the third highest, Master Kanima are stronger and smarter than their Acolytes, they often have at least one Acolyte being subservient under them and seek a Lord Kanima.

Lord Kanima

Main article: Lord Kanima (CotSs)

A Lord Kanima or Ancient Kanima is the second highest level of Kanima and subordinate directly to the Original Kanima, Lord Kanima are stronger and smarter than Master Kanima and far stronger and smarter than Acolyte Kanima, Lord Kanima are especially old and unlike the Ancient Werewolves are less obvious with their existence. While there are Seven Ancient Werewolves, there are only twelve Lord Kanima although they are never in one place as they lead smaller clans across the globe, except when having a meeting.

Original Kanima

Main article: Original Kanima (CotSs)

The oldest and most powerful Kanima that is the progenitor of its species, it is far stronger and smarter than any Kanima since its creation and it therefore holds authority over all its kind, it can only be equaled by its mate the Original Werewolf and should a weapon be discovered capable of killing it then when it dies all Kanima would die with it as they are all symbiotically linked through their joined bloodline.