Lindsey McDaies




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The Delta Pack


Beacon Hills

Lindsey McDaies is a beta werewolf belonging to The Delta Pack  Her best friend was Lynne Patricks

Early lifeEdit

Lindsey was born to a rich family who were great buisness men. She often got what she wanted and was a spoiled child even when her brother came along 7 years after her. She was one of the popular girls who often made fun of people until one day she was in the forest and was bitten by Nico who hated her at the time. She was mad at Nico and tried to fight him once she found out what he did to her but she lost because he was the Alpha and because she was unexpirenced. In the end she joined Nico.

The PackEdit

As the pack grew she became more mature and kind, never really liking to make fun of people, this however caused her to loose alot of friends. She started to hang out with Nico and Josh more, making her understad Nico better and his reasons for things. She however had difficulty explaining to the other friends she had why she spent more time with them so she told them she was dating Nico who was not pleased at the news when she told him. One day when they were in the forest they found a omega, Lynne who was alone. Nico commanded Maria to kill her, being the weakest beta out of the pack however Lynne was able to hold up. Lindesy then thought she would be a good addition to the pack so she suggested it and Nico fianlly agreed.


After Nico died and Lynne became Alpha Lindsey felt as though Lynne had become to powerful and pig headed. So she became defiant. One night she got into an argument with Lynne and left. She was so mad she killed a innocent person.


Before Lindsey was a werewolf she was a drama queen and girly girl who was spoiled 24/7. However when she did become a werwolf she became more mature and kind. She since then has shown to be a very laid back and kind girl who was willing to help people. In fact she is almost the exact oppisite of her friend Lynne. However she has shown to be stubborn and a good fighter who was not afriad to get dirty. When Lynne became Alpha she became angry, irritated and mean.


She was said to be a girl with very short blonde hair and navy blue eyes. She often wore designer name brand clothes that she was often praised for at school by Lydia and other classmates.