Lord Kanima or Ancient Kanima are a breed of Kanima that have a secondary position in any Kanima hierarchy and are all part of the Stellio Clan, six of these Kanima are actually siblings of Mikael Rizzo while the remaining six were recruited sometime afterwards however there were rumors that once their mates were found that they would have an honorary place in the ranking system, Lord Kanima answer only to the Original Kanima and therefore they have an immunity to authority and can command many Masters and their Acolytes.

Notable Lords:

There are 12 Kanima Lords, 2 to 13:

  • No.1 Jason Rizzo- The strongest; Lord Kanima, he is able to command many Kanima's, and considered the second strongest only backing down to Mikael his father.
  • No.2 Patrick Rizzo - The Descendant of Alchemist Rizzo, he and his cousin were awakened to their Kanima traits a thousand years after the creation of the First Kanima by their common ancestor and Kanima progenitor: Mikael Kanima, at one point in his history he was assaulted by fellow Lord Kanima Eris Claiborne who sliced out her ally's eye and viciously scared his body and face. Although the wounds of that event are behind him, physical and mental scars, remain.
  • No.3 Isabelle Rizzo -
  • No.4 Wilhelm Rizzo -
  • No.5 Dennis Licht -
  • No.6 Octavian Rizzo -
  • No.7 Feral Rizzo -
  • No.8 Blaze Copernican -
  • No.11 Caspian Bloom -
  • No.12 Eris Claiborne -
  • No.13 Rexan Licht -