Maria Undo is a beta werewolf belonging to Nico's  pack or Lynne's Pack. She is the youngest of the pack, her twin brother Michael being a few minutes older than her. She was born a werewolf, her parents however were killed when she was young and she was sent to her Aunt's to live.

Maria Undo
Alias: Marie
age: 16
Species: beta werewolf
eyes blue(normal) mixed one green and one blue wolf)
hair dark
Powers: normal werewolf powers
Status: Alive


Affiliation: The Delta Pack
Location: Beacon Hills


Maria was born to Sarah and Brandon Undo. Who were beta werewolves. However when Maria was 8 they were killed by hunters so thy were sent to their aunt's house. She kew about the werewolves so she made sure Maria and Michae were careful. When they were in 8rh grad they found Nico,Josh and Lindsey. Nico needing more people for his pack allowed her and Michael to join. Later they found Lynne. Nico realized she was an omega on his turf as he put it and wanted to kill her.  So he ordered Maria to kill her but Lindsey disagreed saying that they could use her. Nico finally agreed and she joined their pack to get stronger and not be killed


Maria was described to be too innocent and sweet for high school however when put into battle she was viscous and showed barely any mercy to the person she was fighting. She also showed to be good at giving advice for example when Lynne became the Alpha she questioned her decision a lot but Maria assured her that she was okay.