Night of the full moon

Character's involved:

Tyler Jackson
Derek Hale
Isaac Lahey
Eris Claiborne (cameo)


It introduces Tyler's first documented time as a Kanima, as well as his confrontation with Eris Claiborne.


Tyler JacksonEdit

He sat their and was breathing hard as his skin turned greenish-blue and his claws came out he walked inside Derek's hideout and grabbed Derek, throwing him across the room right into the abandoned train, Boyd ran at him but Tyler grabbed his neck and threw him with massive strength across the room right on Derek. Erica and Isaac charged at him, he kicked them across the room again this time as his eyes turned gold and his body morphed greenish and blue with his teeth as he began taking his true form.

Derek got up and ran at him again failing to beat him, his transformation in the dark and revealed himself, Tyler then went on to paralyze everyone except Derek. Derek was in his werewolf form and and therefore had a minor level of immunity, Tyler tried to attack Derek and missed but ended up cutting his stomach paralyzing and hurting him badly.

He broke through the window and headed toward the woods were he saw two men harrasing a women as Tyler hid behind the bush, he grabbed the first one's leg than grabbed the other one's leg, killing them both and moving on, he then went to the Argent house where he encountered Gerard and hissed at him. The Hunter and Kanima then started fighting, until Tyler just overpowered Gerard and some how injured him to the point where he was blood soaked, it was brought up by mysterious observers that Tyler was a rare kind of Kanima.

He left, and that night, he killed an Argent hunter by ripped his neck open and splitting his chest open, brutally.

Eris ClaiborneEdit

The Day after the night of the full moon, Tyler makes a rude comment on a young woman that he sees walking the street not knowing the consequences of doing so, in the next scene this young woman as he pinned to the throat in an alleyway and states that if he crosses her "I (she) will harvest one of you're (Tyler's) organs with my (her) thumb". Before dropping him unceremoniously to the ground, and disappearing from the alley in a blur, showing that she isn't human.