Quintus Wayne


William Wayne (Father)
Maria Wayne (Mother)
Kile Wayne (Brother)



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Red Moon Series (currently)
The Night Series

Quintus Wayne is a new resident at Beacon Hills who is also a pyschicand his worlds turns upside down when he encounters other supernatural people. While going through his life changing event he will find a new friend in Matthaius Corvin.


Quintus was born to a very wealthy family from New York. Due to his pyschic powers he always felt like an outcast to himself and his family. Quintus was born to a long line of psychics that used their abilities to help hunters capture and kill their prey.

Red Moon Series

In the episode New Allies, he is choked by Matthaius who was able to sense him following him,  believing he was part of the Omicron pack. He is stopped by Scott McCall. Quintus introduces himself to Matthaius and explains to him that he's a psychic and that Matthaius would be a good ally. He and Scott are able to convince Matthaius to help them and they becom new allies.

In the episode Strike Back, he is mentioned by Matthaius as the reason they were able to find out where Michael Rhodes would be at.

In the episode Pain, he was attacked by Kevin Sanchez.

In the episode Brake,

In the episode Solution,


As a psychic he has number of mental powers that can affect the mind.

  • Telepathy: He can read the minds of other people.
  • Precognition: He as the ability to see parts of the future.