The Red Moon Series is a collaboation series created by Anamantiumninja and Jackson Whittemore.


An Alpha pack plans to take over Beacon Hills by killing Derek, his pack and Scott. With a Kanima under their control they just might be able to do it. Their plans may take a dark turn when a new beta comes to town with unknown intentions.


Character Description Status
No image available Matthaius Corvin He is a werewolf who comes to Beacon Hills after hearing about a Kanima. Alive
Image not available Quintus Wayne He is a psychic that lives in Beacon Hills. Alive
Image not available Alpha pack (Omicron) They are a alpha pack that live in Beacon Hills. They are also the main antagonist. Deceased
Image not available Kevin Sanchez He is a werewolf that becomes alpha of the Omicron pack and then becomes a protagonist. Alive

Season 1

Season 1 consist of 20 episodes.