The Night Series is a series that follows Matthaius after leaving Beacon Hills and returning home.


After returning home, Matthaius Corvin must learn what it means to be an alpha and deal with the changes he's feeling. A power struggle begins to form between him and his brother, rival packs begin to appear and new enemies.


Character Description Status
Matthaius Corvin
He Returns home after becoming an alpha to find out what really happened to his parents. Alive
Ramaius Corvin
He is a Matthaius' older brother and an alpha werewolf. Alive
Untitled (30)
Ramaius' Pack
They are a pack that serve Ramaius. Active
Untitled (29)
Ramona Marquez
She is a werewolf and an old friend of Matthaius Alive
Klaus cropnoskull
Alexander Waite
He is Ramaius' best friend and the main antagonist of the season. Alive
Kevin Sanchez
He's a lonely beta looking for a Alpha Alive
Russell Wilson
Russell Wilson
Ramaius' right-hand man Alive
Gamma Pack
A rival pack Acive

Season 1Edit


Atleast 1-15 (possibly more)