Tyler being controlled.

He awoke and looked around he ordered his acolyte to take someone out and he was happy to see it succesful.He had heard the hunter's were looking for his kind and knew he had to finish the job down here and plus he heard his dad was back and could finish those hunter's.He could take over a kanima right now and talk through them but who how about that boy Tyler Jackson he started controlling him than walked toward the argent's house and knocked.

Chris Argent opened the door and saw nothing than heard a shh and walked farther out where he saw a boy from beacon hill's high school. " Is this what you Kanima's do takeover innocent body's ". " This boy is not innocent he killed one of your own is quite stronger than you". " Listen whoever you are come out if your not scared and face me because i assure you it won't be pretty i will tear everybone out of your body "." Interesting but boring Mikael is stronger than even me and i could defeat this kid so don't test me." Chris walked toward the boy and pulled out his knife it was long and sharp.He thrusted it at Tyler and he caught the knife in his hand." Is that the best you could do Argent pest ".He grabbed Chris's neck and flung him into the car breaking the door.A few hunter's came rushing out side.Tyler was gone.