Vampire (lit.Hungry One) are an old and prestigious race of creatures and one of the foremost of the Royal Breed on the planet. Aristocratic and powerful, it is said they called upon Sorrow to bring themselves into the world.


Despite being one of the younger of the Royal Breed, Vampires are some of the most well known and famous of all supernatural creatures. Born some thousands of years ago when the world was still rich with the powers of the Phantasma, a human lay dying with no hope of recovery. Their loved one, torn with grief, called upon the greatest sorrow to bring their loved one back from the brink of death.

Their wish fulfilled, the human rose from death to hold their loved once again. But at a high cost. Their skin cold, their body undying, and their thirst for blood as strong as strong as thirst for water, the wish became a curse and in a rage from unnatural life, the first vampire killed the very one who tried to bring it back. Since then vampires have spread across the world and to every continent. Making them amongst the most numerous and robust of all Royal Breed.