"Zeta Werewolves, they are a variant of Beta Werewolves - Intelligent Betas, they specialize in Strategy and Coordination."
—Written words in Kate Argent's Hunting Diary.

The Zeta Werewolves, as described in Kate Argent's Hunting Diary, are "Intelligent Beta Werewolves" that are an Alpha's "left hand" and specialize in both Strategy and Pack Coordination.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Enhanced Strength - As a Zeta Werewolf, they are stronger than humans, but not as strong as a Beta Werewolf (born or turned) equal to them in birth/turning age or an Alpha Werewolf.
  • Superhuman Speed - Zeta Werewolves are much faster than humans, Beta Werewolves and sometimes even an Alpha Werewolf, their speed carries over into their Human forms and they can move sometimes like a blur.
  • Superhuman Agility - Zeta Werewolves can jump, run, climb and react faster than humans and Beta Werewolves - sometimes even matching an Alpha in both Wolf and Human Form.
  • Superhuman Intelligence - A Zeta Werewolf gains Superhuman Intelligence and is able to understand things in a very short time, they are also unlikely to make the same mistakes twice.
  • Accelerated Healing - Zeta Werewolves heal the quickest from most injuries, almost at the level of an Alpha.
    • Genetic Immunity - Zeta Werewolves is immune to Genetic diseases such as Cancer and many illnesses, they can however get the common cold.
    • Partial Wolfsbane Immunity - A Zeta Werewolf's immune system can fight off Wolfsbane Poisoning with simple rest, however, it does put them out of action for some time.
  • Heightened Senses - Zeta Werewolves can smell, see and hear far better than humans and Beta Werewolves, have very detailed senses.
    • Danger Sense - A Zeta Werewolf has an enhanced Danger Sense, being able to detect dangers to themselves or the pack before anyone else.
  • Empathy - When shifted a Zeta Werewolf is the Cornerstone of the Pack's communications, having a mental link stronger than the Alpha Werewolf, which connects to not only turned Werewolves but born Werewolves too. Many, even in their human form, can sense the intent of his Werewolf kin and their state of mind although they cannot communicate with them.